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Speaking Your Language! Can You Complete Our Multilingual Quiz?

  • 2nd September 2020

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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Over lockdown, the nation has seen the rise and rise of the pub quiz and, here at Retail Assist, it’s been no different (well, perhaps minus the pub bit!) Every Friday, we’ve shared our quiz of the week with our colleagues, seeing different themes and with questions submitted by different teams, too. (Visit the end of this blog to not only take part in the quiz but for your chance to win a shopping voucher, too!)

However, this week we wanted to write a quiz that reflected our Help Desk team. With 8 languages spoken fluently across the desk, we’re extremely proud of the international and multilingual IT support we provide to store teams around the globe.

International IT Support

We provide 1st-line Help Desk support to 68 countries worldwide, including international make-up giant, Morphe. With stores across the UK and North America, our Help Desk is open 24/7, meaning that help is on hand no matter where a store is in the world.

Tahir Kara, Senior IT Project Manager at Morphe, said: “We chose Retail Assist based on the great feedback from their existing customers and the family type ethos that they embrace resonates completely with Morphe! After meeting the team and hearing of their long-standing relationships with customers, we were very happy to find a partner who will support us through our expansion plans and work closely with us to improve the in-store experience we provide to our customers.”

Does your current IT support meet your language needs? Get in touch with us here to find out more about how we could help your stores around the globe.

Multilingual IT Support

If you have stores across the globe, it’s crucial that you can phone one number for help, where the people offering support speak your language. Our Help Desk team speak Italian, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Polish and English, with other members of our team fluent in Catalan and Portuguese, too.

Simon Brealy, Head of Global IT Services at Ted Baker, said: “The key components and what won the RFP for Retail Assist was the financial benefit of moving to a more European-centric partner. Some of the best provisions and offerings from Retail Assist were very much around the cost-effectiveness, providing us with a 24×7 support function and something that was critical for Ted Baker was the bilingual support that we got from the team.

“Since partnering with Retail Assist we’ve very much been able to develop what the service desk within Ted’s IT deliver, so rather than focusing on the first and second line tickets that will come in across our European estate, they are now 100% dealt with by Retail Assist. Because of the standard Retail Assist have delivered to us my service delivery teams internally have been able to focus much more on proactively supporting the business and focusing more on project deliveries, which has in turn has a much more positive impact across other teams both within technology and the wider business.

“We’ve seen much bigger uptake in engagement with IT, simply because there is more capacity within the department to handle that.”

Watch our interview with Simon here.

Izzy, wizzy, let’s get quizzy

So, fancy your chances at our “Quiz de Langues”?! Take the quiz here for your chance to win a shopping voucher!

  • 2nd September 2020

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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