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What is a WSSI? Good question. WSSI stands for ‘weekly sales, stock and intake’: it’s a merchandising tool that calculates and reports on levels of current and future sales and stock.

What are the benefits of a WSSI?
Avoid under-buying in on-trend areas, giving lost sales…

…and avoid over-buying, leading to high markdowns and lost opportunities.

Improve your merchandisers’ abilities to forward plan. Get it right and raise profits.

Reduce the reliance on spreadsheets - run in-season monitoring and re-forecasting.


Rising business rates, fluctuating exchange rates, expanding supplier costs: it’s a tough time to be in retail. Our industry is facing many challenges and with many external factors impacting margins and profits, retailers need to be right more often.

The answer? Navigate evolving trading environments with a WSSI. We have 20 years of retail experience and we understand the critical need for continual improvements and efficiencies that businesses must evolve through just to keep trading.

A WSSI helps you to get the right amount of product, in the right place, at the right time.

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