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Our cyber security services are designed to defend against potential threats, ensuring comprehensive protection for your infrastructure.

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IT Security
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Dark Web Scanning

IT Security

It’s inevitable that employees will often use the same username and password for many business-related and personal services, such as network logins, social media and SaaS business applications. Unfortunately, cyber criminals know this — and that’s why digital credentials are among the most valuable assets found on the Dark Web and, for your business, a single compromised credential is a potential cyber security threat.

Sadly, over 75% of compromised credentials are first reported to the victim’s organisation by a third party, such as law enforcement – usually when it’s too late.

Our IT security model provides a Dark Web Scanning Service, a combination of human and sophisticated Dark Web search intelligence that enables us to prevent cyber security threats by identifying, analysing and proactively monitoring your organisation’s compromised or stolen data.

What are the benefits of Dark Web Scanning?

We will connect to the Dark Web, so you don’t have to. This will keep your data secure

We monitor and provide reports on our findings, preventing cyber security threats

Prevent and predict when your business is at risk from exposed credentials

Intelligent awareness of compromised credentials before breaches occur

Phishing Simulation Management

Simulated phishing attacks coupled with IT security awareness training campaigns are the perfect antidote to prevent cyber security threats such as compromised credentials being released to the Dark Web or, worse still, being used to breach your IT security. Educating your employees is one tool to ensure the best defence against cyber security threats.

Our cyber security services team will work with you to build, import, and edit groups of the “target” employees to be included in your phishing simulation and training campaigns. Short and visually engaging training videos with an online quiz can then follow to verify the employee’s retention of the training content as part of your annual IT security training.

How does Phishing Simulation Management work?

Scheduled phishing campaigns are sent at random times during a specified period. This prevents the “prairie dog effect” of employees warning one another that they’ve received a phishing email, which provides a truer measurement of employee awareness of IT security standards.

These can be staged in up to 8 languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Latin America). With multiple templates, formats and enrichment videos, we will ensure that your employees are educated in IT security processes and become protective of your valuable credentials and assets, helping to prevent cyber security threats.

IT Security

Endpoint Management

IT security

Key to proactive IT estate management is ensuring that all your end devices are visible, controlled, consistent and secure: in a mixed estate, this requires a modern solution.

Our cyber security services team deliver the industry’s fastest, most reliable and functionally complete remote monitoring and endpoint management solution. Our IT security support team have a single view of your estate, enabling them to more efficiently manage alerts and updates, keeping your critical devices protected from cyber security threats 24/7.

Industry data shows that more than 70% of vulnerabilities remain unpatched – even after 30 days – and many can take as long as a year to patch. Don’t be an easy target for hackers and cyber security threats.

Our Endpoint Management can:

Discover and monitor all your assets, their performance and compliance

Automate software patch management

Automate common IT processes and auto-remediate incidents

Leverage remote endpoint management to quickly resolve issues

IT Security Risk Assessments

Incredibly, 12% of IT professionals admitted their organisations don’t run vulnerability scans at all. However, you can’t fix what you can’t see!

IBM Security estimates that, on average, companies take about 197 days to detect a breach and 69 days to contain it. Without regular cyber security risk assessments, you run the risk of not detecting a security breach until it’s too late. Regular assessments can also help you get a comprehensive view of your network to make informed IT security decisions.

The best way to combat cyber security threats is by gaining full information about the vulnerabilities in your applications and networks. Without measuring these vulnerabilities, you have no way of improving your IT security. This is where network and IT security assessments play a critical role.

Our Cyber Security risk assessments can help you to:

  • Identify hard-to-detect cyber security threats and come up with fixes
  • Devise an action plan to prioritise and track the progress of your remediation
  • Gain a better understanding of your risks and measure your network’s health
  • Implement the necessary changes to improve your business’s risk profile
  • Make informed decisions on your IT security measures
IT security
Cyber Security FAQs

Why is cyber security management important?

Management of cyber security is essential to protect your business’ data, assets and reputation. A cyber-attack will not only compromise your business’ IT security but will damage stakeholder opinion, breach GDPR regulations and could result in intellectual property theft.

With the growth of remote working, cyber security has become a more prominent threat for businesses. The increased use of devices at home, increases the number of end points available for a hacker to access, especially if an employee is using their personal devices for work purposes.

The growing risk of cyber-attacks make it imperative for businesses to employ cyber security strategies that are managed by a team. This means that not only are your devices constantly monitored by automated search intelligence, but cyber security professionals are able to mitigate risks identified, securing your business and its assets.

What are the biggest cyber security threats to businesses?

Unfortunately, criminals have got smarter and it’s getting harder for employees and businesses to recognise a serious cyber security threat. Phishing attacks disguised as scam emails or phone calls are designed to personally target victims, often pretending to be from an organisation who has suffered an IT security breach themselves.

These cyber security threats are never isolated incidents, criminals send them out in their millions and regrettably, some are successful. Phishing attacks are accountable for 90% of all IT security breaches for businesses. The risk is higher in organisations who have not trained their staff in best practice, making your own employees a potential cyber security threat to your business.

Any attack on security poses a cyber security threat to your business’ network security and data, but phishing attacks are the most difficult to fight because they use social engineering to target your own employees. This means that your systems can be as secure as Fort Knox, but if your employees haven’t been trained and tested appropriately, they’re your biggest risk.

What kind of cyber security threat do phishing attacks pose?

A phishing threat is most likely to take place following a data breach, but they also cause data breaches. The type of scam messages will usually ask for some level of personal details on a subtle manner or will install malware on devices once a URL is clicked. For such meaningless action the consequences in IT security are huge.

A phishing attack compromises your business’ IT security. The destructive impact includes reputational damage, losing customers, share price falling, fines and potentially leaked information and intellectual property theft, not to mention the general disruption felt by everyone across the business.

What can be done to mitigate cyber security attacks?

Thankfully, there’s a wealth of strategies available to reduce your business’ exposure and vulnerability to cyber security threats, lowering the risk instantly:

  • Endpoint management: ensures all devices are visible, controlled, consistent and secure.
  • Patch management: ensures all known weaknesses are protected and vulnerabilities reduced.
  • Cyber security risk assessments: carried out regularly and in addition to the previous two strategies which can be automated, you could mitigate the risk of not detecting an IT security breach before it’s too late.

Why is training for employees important to prevent IT security breaches?

Whilst looking at services for technological management and protection is a priority, you should also be considering training for your employees. These can take form as phishing simulation and training campaigns, targeting employees and revealing your level of risk. The benefits are not only heightened sensitivity to IT security risks, but they also help to create a culture where employees feel comfortable in reporting potential risks.

Outsourcing cyber security services to a provider like Retail Assist means you can focus on what you do best whilst we deploy our specialist expertise. This extra support benefits your internal IT security, your teams and protects their workloads, whilst creating a supportive environment that encourages employees to learn and increase their awareness of potential cyber security threats.

Why choose Retail Assist's cyber security services?

Our IT security model provides a combination of human and sophisticated search intelligence that enables us to prevent cyber security threats. We do this by identifying, analysing and proactively monitoring your organisation’s compromised or stolen data. We provide end-point management and IT security risk assessments to prevent attacks across all your systems and devices from any potential threat.

Our cyber security services team will introduce annual IT security training with all the engaging content and quizzes provided as well as regular phishing simulation and training campaigns. This will keep your data systems safe from any potential insider threats.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late

Contact us today to schedule your IT security risk assessment and find out how our cyber security services can help.


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