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Maximise your store stock and boost profitability with tablet-based store inventory management and order fulfilment software.

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Stock management made easy

Omnichannel retailing requires highly accurate and up-to-date data on stock positions. But why have costly stock checking-specific hardware when you can use tablet-based software instead?

Our powerful tablet-based stock management solutions simplify the process of keeping track of your store’s inventory, alongside our streamlined online order fulfilment system, allowing for seamless coordination between your online orders and in-store stock.

How can stock management software help your retail team?

Easily create, send & receive inter-branch transfers

retail systems

Progress write on/off transactions, even offline

with ease

helpdesk support


Simply scan deliveries to receive stock from the warehouse 

business it support

Enjoy real-time
stock allocation
for orders

Process click & collect orders anywhere on the shop floor

Better transparency between fulfilment versus sales

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Manage inventory from anywhere 

Using tablets enables your store teams to manage inventory, whilst also using the connectivity to browse online catalogues, place customer orders, process work emails or even help to manage their own social media accounts.

With many retailers already using tablets in their store estate, our store inventory management software is easy to use and implement and is a low-cost answer to an otherwise complex problem.

With fully managed services on hand to support implementation and beyond, achieving optimum stock management across the business couldn’t be easier.

Store Stock Management

Store stock management software is a must for retailers who want complete visibility over their store stock, allowing them to make informed decisions to optimise their inventory and maximise sales.

Store staff can use the app to process deliveries and inter-branch transfers quickly and easily, along with conducting stocktakes with greater levels of accuracy and efficiency.

With real-time information on inventory levels, it’s easy to identify which products are selling well and which ones are not, to reduce the risk of overstocking or running out of stock altogether. Not only does this make for a better customer experience, but also helps to increase sales and profitability.

Online Order Fulfilment

When shopping online, customers expect a seamless experience, so offering convenience is key.

Our intuitive, user-friendly app simplifies the process of online order fulfilment and click and collect, making it easy for store staff to manage online stock requests with a tablet device – removing the need for excess handheld scanners.

The app can interface with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in real-time, providing instant access to web orders assigned to the store for picking and confirming what actions the store staff must take. With a single view of order fulfilment, staff can accept or deny requests, find items on the shop floor, and prepare orders for collection or delivery, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for everyone involved.

Are your current stock management processes struggling to keep up with omnichannel demands?

Get in touch here to find out how our store inventory management software can help.

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