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It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Our technical services team offers a range of around-the-clock business IT support services to ensure maximum uptime and to keep you trading – no matter what.

What can our technical services team do for you?
business it support
business it support Proactive approach

We monitor all systems, run thousands of checks, to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

business it support Peace of mind

Disaster recovery planning and testing ensures a smooth recovery of business-critical systems.

business it support Out of hours support

We’ve got the right people in place to provide the best business IT support regardless of the day or time.

business it support Technical project?

A server upgrade, network overhaul or even firewall replacement? We have it covered.

business it support

Retail Technical Services & Business IT Support

We’ve always been big believers that it’s better to be proactive than reactive. With the correct monitoring, support and disaster recovery planning and testing in place, our business IT support approach helps to avoid delays in restoring key systems and improves service availability.

Whatever business IT support you need, our technical services team can tailor their delivery to meet your requirements.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in hosting, project work, monitoring set-up, server maintenance, and supporting both on-site and remote environments, they’ve got your back.

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Client Testimonial

Best Food Logistics

Retail Assist has provided business IT support to Best Food Logistics since 2011 with managed IT services, enabling internal IT resources to focus upon the core business and applications, whilst Retail Assist maintains the IT infrastructure and user systems.

Cindy Howarth-Stares, Director of IT, states:

“From day one we’ve had the same Account Manager and Technical Consultant, so this has allowed us to foster a really good relationship. We talk openly about business risks, we share our strategy, and we’re able to plan for the future.”


What are technical services?

Technical services are a form of business IT support. Most companies’ internal IT departments don’t have a technical services component, as this requires costly resources, highly skilled teams and 24/7 availability, which is why these services tend to be outsourced to companies like Retail Assist.

Can you provide technical services as standalone support?

Yes, we can! IT managed services providers like Retail Assist provide as little or as much business IT support as is required and continue to evolve with requirements. We understand that all companies operate differently, which is why we customise our business IT support to meet specific requirements.

What is Wintel and how is it supported?

Wintel (Windows + Intel) is the partnership of Microsoft Windows and Intel. It is user friendly, has a huge selection of software available and it has evolved to allow backwards compatibility.

Here at Retail Assist we provide business IT support for Wintel systems with a fully dedicated team. Our team works 24/7 to prevent security threats and virus attacks, with advanced end of life and end of support assessments, upgrades and patch management.

What is Linux and how is it supported?

Linux is very secure, stable, easy to maintain and runs on pretty much any hardware; and for many, the most important aspect of Linux is that falls under the FOSS category (Free and Open Source Software).

At Retail Assist we can support your teams with our highly skilled, dedicated Linux team with 24/7 business IT support availability.

What are the strengths of IBM?

IBM I is known for being the go-to for its reputation of robust architecture, exceptional security and business resilience. Our business IT support model includes a dedicated team to support this infrastructure.

Is network support provided as part of technical services?

Yes, we provide network support as part of technical services. We take responsibility for our engineers and third parties’ network engineers and build a network team to carry out deeper investigations and resolve issues faster, without having to involve third parties and waste customer time.

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