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Check Your Tech! Why Lockdown is the Perfect Time to Get Business Fit

  • 8th February 2021

Written by Alex Broxson, Chief Marketing Officer

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Whilst life in lockdown may mean a multitude of things for each person, it has certainly given us all time to reflect and consider the things we want to focus on. It’s given us the time to review our personal priorities.

Many people have used this time for themselves, to learn a new skill, decorate the house, move house, or maybe use the time to get fit. People have found new interests, used to the time to do things that they probably never would have done before or think creatively about how to use the time to keep themselves busy – and move forward. Over the last 12 months, fitness is certainly something that I have used the extra time for; as a keen runner already, I’ve found the lack of commute has been great for exercising and keeping myself in check, both physically and mentally. But it seems that many people have been doing the same: fitness and wellbeing brand, Sweaty Betty, recently reported revenue grew by around 60% during 2020 whilst, when we first went into lockdown, bike sales shot up 60% in April 2020 compared with the previous month. With a lot of time on our hands and not many ways to spend it, fitness provided a much-needed escape, with lockdown giving us a time-rich opportunity to make a head start on it.

This got me thinking. Could the same be said for businesses?

If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to do so already, is the lockdown period actually a time to “get fit”? Whilst it’s a period of downtime for store or hospitality estates, what can you be doing in the background to get fully fit, ready for reopening?

This is what we have been doing for many of our clients. Whether it’s a support project to help them select and rollout a new POS solution, implement new managed services support, or implementing new software. Ultimately, not only are we keeping ourselves fit, but getting businesses in shape too, ready for the surge in demand when we are finally allowed to go out.

If you’re looking to shed the pounds – quite literally, with our cost saving support – then we are providing free health checks, to discuss your brand’s strategy. At a time that’s convenient to you, we’re offering an opportunity to talk to one of our strategists to have a no obligation chat about your goals and what tech we think can help you achieve them.

Can we be the personal trainer you need in order to become a lean, flexible business that survives whatever the demands of the future may be? Get in touch with us here.


  • 8th February 2021

Written by Alex Broxson, Chief Marketing Officer

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