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UK Store Openings On The Rise!

  • 28th July 2021

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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The efforts of UK businesses have been focused on recovery, whilst trying to respond to drastically changing consumer behaviour when the full impact of COVID-19 is yet to develop. With all the uncertainty starting to clear it’s great to be discussing retail wins, a particular triumph, new store openings across the UK!

As discussed in our whitepaper ‘Life After Lockdown: What’s Next for Retail?’, following the reopening of stores back in April, it was expected that there would be growth in retail parks, outlet centres and local high streets. After a flourishing first week, this growth was confirmed as high street footfall was up 87.8% week-on-week, with footfall across the high street, retail parks and shopping centres was up 330% from 11-17 April versus the same week a year ago, albeit the country was in complete lockdown.

How has this trend continued?

Here we are three months later with the positive news that in support of the UK’s recovery, local high streets could see 17,000 new stores, whilst major brands are opening flagships in central London and outlets such as McArthur Glen and Bicester Village.

Despite a high number of vacancies on the high street, smart retailers are taking advantage using spaces differently and preserving locations to jump on post-pandemic potential. Driven by hybrid working habits, big brand retailers are also set on local high streets, striking a balance in location by positioning themselves closer to areas underpinned by more resilient stores such as grocery and discount.

Thinking of reviewing your location strategy?

Our Project Management Services are a valued part of Retail Assist’s business model. There are many ways in which we could help support the success of your business change projects, whilst taking the pressure off your internal teams to deliver.

As part of our Project Management Services, our dedicated Store Systems and Store Development specialists and Project Managers can deliver store openings, store closures and store refit programmes. All opening activities are scoped, coordinated and carried out, from hardware and software roll-outs, to providing communications infrastructure in-store through our trusted partners.

Our team have spent many years working in retail and hospitality operations and in-store IT, which means they have the experience necessary to ensure stores open on time and on budget.

If you’d like to speak to one of our team about your store plans, get in touch here.

  • 28th July 2021

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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