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Delivering Service Excellence: Our Quality Assurance Approach

  • 7th May 2024

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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Service excellence goes beyond meeting expectations, and at Retail Assist we’re always striving to exceed them. With some of our relationships spanning over 20 years, we’re continually adapting to our customers evolving needs and leveraging their feedback.

How do we ensure service excellence is echoed in everything we do at Retail Assist?

Kerry Hardy (Head of IT Service Delivery), Camila Cotting (Customer Assurance Manager) and Frances Thomas (Head of Customer Assurance and Client Services) give you an overview in this week’s short video.

Click here to watch the video in YouTube.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding our customers businesses, processes and operations is paramount for us. This allows us to provide tailored solutions that address our customers’ unique needs and challenges.
  • To consistently deliver high quality services, we adhere to industry best practice, with ISO 20000 accreditation, following the ITIL framework and holding membership with the Service Desk Institute (SDI).
  • To ensure quality within our diverse teams spread across different locations, we document all our processes and procedures. We also conduct regular audits of tickets to identify areas of improvement and track progress.
  • Our customers have complete visibility of their tickets. This transparency allows them to track progress without having to call us back,  have a detailed view of any issues across their estate and inform service review meetings and monthly reports.
  • Our commitment to building strong relationships and a sustainable service structure has resulted in long-lasting partnerships with our customers, some of whom we have served for nearly two decades.
  • Our focus on fostering a customer-centric culture, means we consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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  • 7th May 2024

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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