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Meet the Team! Get to Know Customer Assurance

  • 14th March 2023

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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This week we chatted to the Customer Assurance team. Developed just over a year ago, we’ve created a team focused on evolving our managed services provision to meet the future needs of our customers, maintaining best practice, and going above and beyond the standard customer experience.

Proactively assessing what we could do better and how is at the core of the customer assurance team. Through detailed analysis of internal processes and external feedback, the team ensure the lifecycle of helpdesk operations adhere to best practice whilst looking at ways to increase efficiency and address gaps.

Meet the team:

Camila Cotting, Customer Improvement Manager

Fine tuning continuous improvement, Camila is focused on designing and implementing ways to futureproof our helpdesk service, collaborating with the customer and detailed internal insights to support the helpdesk team in exceeding customer expectations.

Francesco DeVivo, Incident Manager

Working closely with Lewis McManamon, our Service Desk Manager, Francesco applies the quality initiatives to management, resolution and fulfilment of all incidents across the desk, ensuring best practice is followed to the letter.

Anna Ramsay, Quality Lead

Having progressed through the helpdesk, Anna has an intricate understanding of our service. Applying her experience, she is able to identify opportunities for improvement across the helpdesk using internal assessments and trend analysis to lead continuous quality improvement.

David Thomas, Quality Coach

Often teaming up with Trisha Sheehan from the Learning and Development team, David provides the desk with regular coaching and training to ensure everyone has the tools to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Reviewing feedback to highlight both barriers and opportunities, David provides the insight to ensure every initiative developed in the customer assurance team is echoed across the desk.

Frances Thomas, Head of Client Services and Customer Assurance

Frances leads the collaboration across our customer focused teams to ensure there is a conduit between Retail Assist and our customers. Managing relationships and delivering service to the highest standard, client services and customer assurance are integral to success.


Managing over 200,000 tickets a year, the team have worked together to normalise our support, enabling the helpdesk to maintain high standards of service through fluctuations such as peak trade. Working together to provide exceptional insight, our service and our customers benefit from continuous development and future proofing, backed by an outstanding customer experience.


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  • 14th March 2023

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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