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You’re hired! Retail Assist Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2019

  • 4th March 2019

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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Lord Sugar might be famous for saying “You’re fired!” in order to find his perfect apprentice, however at Retail Assist, we take pride in nurturing ours. This week (4th – 8th March) is National Apprenticeship Week 2019; here, we explain about our scheme and celebrate the hard work of all of our apprentices.

Retail Assist Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 201

Retail Assist is fortunate to have six brilliant apprentices who are currently working as Apprentice Call Analysts on our award-winning Help Desk. They receive full training, internally and externally, to work as part of a team to deliver the highest standard of support for our prestigious global client base from across the retail and hospitality sectors.

Rae Hayward, Head of People, says: “Our apprenticeship scheme is the perfect opportunity for school and college leavers to develop their skills whilst also gaining a qualification in customer service.

“As part of the scheme, our apprentices get time in the office to combine and develop their work experiences with essay-based learning. With their work and drive, we can help to shape and develop our apprentices into the ideal Retail Assist Call Analyst.”

James Jeffs, Apprentice Call Analyst agrees: “The apprenticeship at Retail Assist appealed to me because it meant I was earning whilst learning, whilst also gaining experience working within an award-winning company.”

But it’s not just the apprentices that stand to gain from their time with us – the feeling is very much mutual.

Rae explains: “With Retail Assist’s on-going growth and progress, it’s also a fantastic prospect for us to welcome younger people with varied life experiences and backgrounds to join our diverse and dynamic team. Our apprentices are all really enthusiastic and keen, and we have enjoyed seeing them thrive within our work environment.”

Callum Kitson, Apprentice Call Analyst, feels that he has benefitted from this experience of a working environment. He says: “I enjoy working alongside great colleagues and I also like that we support well-known clients. The apprenticeship scheme has helped me to gain new skills; I have learnt how to speak to customers confidently over the phone and I’ve also learnt how to work well in an office environment, which is something that will help me with my future career options.”

So, if people are interested in joining, what should they know?

Rae says: “Having apprentices gives us an opportunity to welcome applications from our local community whilst also giving another option to school and college leavers. We’re not looking for any specific qualifications, but we are looking for applicants to be able to use a computer, show common sense, the ability to be a team player and the willingness to succeed.”

Finally, what advice would Callum give to anyone thinking about joining the scheme?

“It’s definitely a good route,” says Callum. “Progress within a company as you learn and earn money whilst you’re learning – who wouldn’t want that?”

For more information and to apply for the scheme, click here to visit the government’s apprenticeship website or email

  • 4th March 2019

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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