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Meet the Next Three Stages of OMIO PIM: Select, Translate, Publish!

  • 23rd June 2020

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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So, you’ve began your product data journey; you’ve created a new product in the Initiate phase, using basic product information, and you’ve then added multiple assets and data in the Enrich stage. What’s next?

Once your product data has been gathered and enriched, it’s time to get those products ready for market. The next three stages of OMIO PIM are designed to be simple, overcoming previously complex barriers and processes; in fact, you might say that they’re as easy as a hop, skip and a jump.

Hop: Meet the Select Stage

The third stage of OMIO PIM is Select, where you need to decide which channels your products are going to hop on over to.

Here, choose which products to send to which selling channels. At this stage, just select at category or department level the products that you want to sell per selling channel, including colours and size ranges.

Does one colour not sell especially well in a certain territory? Easy – just emit that product from your product offering for that particular channel. Want all similar products to follow the same rules in the future? Set up workflow rules and processes for your retail brand and consider it done.

Want to know more about the Select stage? Watch our video here for more information.

Skip: Time to Translate

After your teams have chosen where they want the products to be sold at the Select stage, it’s time to Translate the product data. Here, your product data is transformed to be relevant for that particular selling channel. For example, for your French website, UK sizes can skip to EU sizes. Alternatively, if a colour is called “navy” on your website, it skips across to “blue” so that it’s relevant for Amazon’s selling requirements. You can even translate product descriptions to adapt a tone of voice, helping to make the customer experience appropriate for wherever it is being sold.

Want to know more about the Translate stage? Watch our video here for more information.

Jump: Finally, Publish Your Products

In the final stage of OMIO PIM, get your products ready to jump out to their various digital marketplaces.

Here, product data is reviewed and any missing or incorrect data is passed back to the original author using our user-friendly traffic light system. Is time of the essence? No worries – you can bypass this requirement using your specific workflow rules in order to meet rapid product launches.

Once all the data is ready to go, OMIO PIM creates a live product file which is ready to be released to your selling channels.

Want to know more about the Publish stage? Watch our video here for more information.

Don’t just get a PIM of all trades. We’ve used our decades of retail experience to bring to market a retail-specialist PIM to meet the needs and requirements of retail businesses, helping you to streamline work processes, test digital markets and speed up the route to market.

 Our OMIO team would love to show you a demo of our solution – click here to get in touch.

  • 23rd June 2020

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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