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It’s Getting Hot in Here! Top tips for maintaining hardware in a heatwave

  • 29th July 2019

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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The sound of ice cream vans. The smell of sun cream. The wafts of barbecues. As temperature rises across the country, we all find different ways of celebrating the good weather whilst keeping ourselves cool in the meantime. However, not everyone enjoys the heat and hardware is no exception: we often take for granted that it’ll continue to function no matter the weather. Yet in doing so, we risk hardware overheating, systems potentially failing and customers becoming annoyed – as well as becoming overheated themselves!

However, there are a number of preventative methods that can be undertaken to reduce the impact the temperature has and keep things operating as they should do.

Top tips for maintaining hardware in a heatwave

Stay cool

It may seem obvious, but being aware of how hot certain items can get is important, especially if they are situated in areas heavily impacted by temperature, such as in heavily windowed stores or crowded spaces. Simple things like using fans to keep hardware cool and making sure ventilation systems are clear and operating can make a significant difference.

Clear it out!

Throughout trading hours, tills can easily become messy, holding a mixture of items from the shop floor, items from deliveries or even items belonging to members of staff. It’s really important that any excess clutter such as boxes, bags or clothing are removed so that air can circulate around hardware more easily.

Keep it clean

Making sure all hardware is dust free is always important, and should be undertaken regularly, but it’s especially important to do in high temperatures where it can cause overheating to occur more quickly than at other times. Getting areas professionally cleaned should be considered; experts will know exactly how to efficiently and safely remove built up dust without damaging the hardware in any way.

The potential for power surges

With hot weather comes the risk of unpredictable storms, which can cause power surges and result in destruction or damage to equipment. Ensuring that all hardware is not plugged into the same socket, that surge protectors are installed and used, and that any other power protection devices are functioning can offer the best resistance to any potential issue.

Disconnect when possible

The more pieces of hardware that can be disconnected for periods when not being used – such as overnight – the better. This not only helps reduce the risk of overheating, but is important should a power cut occur.  As reconnection takes place, there can often be complications that can damage equipment; something that can easily be avoided by unplugging.

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  • 29th July 2019

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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