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Our IT Help Desk: Top 5 Stats

  • 11th May 2023

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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Retail Assist’s award-winning IT service desk offers flexible helpdesk support to keep businesses trading. Working 24×7 365 days a year and supporting customers in 11 countries across thousands of global locations, our service offering has the industry seal of approval: winning IT Service Provider of the Year at the ITSMF Professional Service Management Awards. In our latest annual benchmarking, we’ve made an infographic detailing our key statistics from 2022.

We’re proud to highlight our headline stats:

  • 2,855 sites supported
  • 7,870 tills supported
  • 23.79s average speed of answer
  • 8,334 calls supported each month with only a 2.78% abandon rate
  • 96.21% of service level agreements are achieved each month



A key statistic identified from our annual results was the outstanding performance in relation to our service level agreements. Agreed with every customer, it is our aim to end every call to our Help Desk with a positive result, the problem solved, and a happy customer. For example, achieving 96.21% service level agreements each month.

Retail Assist - SLAs

Understanding the customer

We have created an environment within our service delivery teams which truly understands customers’ requirements. We employ analysts who have worked in the front line of retail/hospitality, and therefore understand the environments in which our customers operate, and encourage them to improve upon the specialist support provided to our customers, through intensive on-site training at some of the UK’s leading retail and hospitality brands. Actively spending time on the front-line at customer sites, the team have worked above and beyond their daily roles to deliver a more engaging service experience, by gaining a deeper understanding of how the business works. Retail Assist is an external part of the customers’ own teams, developing closer business relationships that allow the analysts to deliver a service that fits the customers’ exact needs.

Retail Assist - Sites Supported

Benefits of outsourcing

Outsourced retail IT services such as our 24 x 7 Help Desk offer a flexible alternative to in-house teams, and a more cost effective solution. A good Help Desk should match its support service to its customers’ trading hours. To make this possible, many businesses supplement in-house teams with outsourced resources, which offer more hours of supports and a breadth of skills that comes from using a shared service. This means that we deal with issues as and when they arise, helping drive internal processes and provide efficient restoration of service. Playing a ‘behind the scenes’ role, our Help Desk save time whilst increasing profit by delivering greater systems uptime at the point-of-service. We have the support capacity to do this with a scalable service.

Retail Assist - Helpdesk Support Stats

Multiple language support

Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hola, Ciao, Hallo, Szia, Olá, cześć . . .

Did you know, our international Help Desk services are offered in 9 European languages, roughly double the amount of core languages offered by industry standards.

Our customers with international stores appreciate the value added by our call analysts resolving IT issues in native technical language – better relationships are developed, and a superior level of customer service is experienced by the end user. We’re proud to understand not only the customer’s technical environment, but also the cultural diversity of supporting stores in different countries. In line with our incident reduction mentality, being able to solve incidents quickly delivers greater uptime at the point of service for the customer, which saves both time and money. We have systems in place that direct customers’ calls to the highest skilled analyst. This works the same for our territory/language specialists.

Retail Assist - International Support

Want to know more about how we could benefit your business? We currently work with leading global retail, hospitality and leisure brands, but also support logistics, and councils. Get in touch here.

  • 11th May 2023

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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