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How can technology put store colleagues at the heart of customer experience?

  • 28th April 2023

Written by Jordon Graham, Digital Marketing Manager

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In a world where retailers are consistently expected to do more with less, the best assets in a retail store are its staff, so how can retailers utilise their skills most effectively? At this year’s Retail Technology Show 2023, Martyn Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at VoCoVo, discussed how retailers can use technology to put their store colleagues at the heart of the customer experience by providing them with knowledge and resources. Here’s our roundup.

RTS 2023

Knowledge is power

Store colleagues are vital in shaping the in-store customer experience, and as such, retailers need to invest in making sure that they are well-equipped and well-trained. Technologies such as smart devices and cameras can enable staff to communicate with other in real-time to find information or get instant answers from their peers. Jones emphasised that knowledge is power, and employees, especially those who have been working in a store for years, may have some of the answers to many questions that may arise in the store.

By using tech to share knowledge and work together, colleagues can help customers more effectively. Not only does this make employees more productive and efficient, but it also makes the shopping experience more seamless and enjoyable for the customer.


Champion the technology

Jones suggested that technology is only as good as the people that are using it, so ongoing training is crucial to ensuring that colleagues are constantly learning not only to master the technology, but also using the tech to educate themselves about new products and services and making improvements to the in-store experience, all in-real time.

To get this right, every store needs a staff member who will champion the technology and can share their passion and knowledge with the rest of their team.


Smart tech = smart decisions

From a store management or head office perspective, technologies such as smart cameras and other smart devices can provide instant feedback around on what’s happening on the shop floor, allowing them to take appropriate action quickly.


Maximise existing investments

As we’ve often said, investing in technology for technologies’ sake is not enough. Many retailers already have multitudes of in-store tech already, so before making any big investments Jones suggested undertaking a ‘Smart Tech’ audit to understand how to leverage what’s already in place to work most effectively together.


Empowering store colleagues through technology creates a more engaged and knowledgeable workforce that can help to deliver more connected and seamless experiences for customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as a happy in-store team!

  • 28th April 2023

Written by Jordon Graham, Digital Marketing Manager

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