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Celebrating 24 Years of Innovation and Service Excellence: Happy Birthday Retail Assist!

  • 14th June 2023

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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On Friday 16th June, Retail Assist turns 24 years old! As we mark our 24th birthday, we take this opportunity to reflect on our purpose as a company and express our pride in our teams’ accomplishments.

Retail Assist was founded in 1999 with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between the retail industry and technology. We recognised that retailers needed technology solutions tailored to their specific needs, and we set out to become the go-to partner for the retail sector. With a deep understanding of both retail operations and technology, we positioned ourselves to deliver exceptional services and solutions that would empower retailers to thrive in the digital age.

Over the years, our commitment to being “retail ready” has remained at the core of our existence. We have consistently put the business use of technology front and centre, understanding that it is not just about the technology itself, but about how it can drive tangible outcomes for our clients. By employing professionals with a retail background and fostering a culture of collaboration, we have ensured that we speak the language of our clients and understand their unique challenges and goals.

Some of our achievements over the years:

24 Years of Retail Assist

Over the years, the retail industry has undergone significant transformations. New channels to market, expanding trading geographies, and variable opening hours have shaped a new retail landscape. As technology now defines retail operations, retailers must reinvent themselves to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers. In this era of constant change, speed, and flexibility in deploying new technologies are paramount. Retail Assist remains committed to innovation, ensuring that we keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of the sector.

Kevin Greathead, Managing Director at Retail Assist commented:

“As we look back on the last 24 years, we take immense pride in the impact we have made in the retail industry. We have been at the forefront of helping retailers navigate the ever-evolving landscape and stay ahead of the competition. Our ability to adapt and innovate has allowed us to continually deliver value to our clients and build enduring relationships.

“We measure our success not just by the accolades we have received but by the success stories of our clients. We have supported major retailers and hospitality businesses across the globe, enabling them to enhance their operations, streamline processes, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

“Our dedicated team has been the driving force behind our achievements. Their expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled us forward. We are immensely proud of everyone at Retail Assist and the collective strength they bring to our company.”

Retail Assist has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the retail industry. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions remains unwavering. Today, we are proud to support major clients not only in the retail sector but also in the hospitality, logistics and local authority sectors. Our services span 11 countries, with over 7,800 tills, 2,375 stores, 275 restaurants, and 205 cinemas benefiting from our expertise.

Here’s to 24 years of excellence, and to an exciting future ahead!

  • 14th June 2023

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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