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Best practice: Retail replenishment

  • 5th June 2017

Written by Retail Assist


Can you effectively move stock between your warehouse and stores, dynamically, and with 100% accuracy? That’s the requirement for every modern retailer today, operating with an omnichannel mentality. As the war against discounting continues, starting at the source – stock management – can help to boost your full price sales, protect margins, and improve the customer experience with optimum stock levels, wherever the customer chooses to shop.

Start reducing stock-outs, reducing over-stocking, and forecast accurately with complete visibility of inventory and demand.

Our omnichannel supply chain solution, Merret, is used by leading retail brands including ASOS, Harvey Nichols, Karen Millen, Morrisons Nutmeg, and many more. User defined replenishment rules ensure stock can be automatically and dynamically moved between your warehouse and (web)/stores.

Our automatic replenishment solution can cater for numerous retail scenarios, depending on the season, items sold, and promotional period. It’s a dependable, powerful process with flexible options:

  • Ideal replenishment
    Ideal stock levels are often set as part of an initial allocation, with min/max levels to prevent under/over stocking. Product sales performance is tracked and replenished to ideal levels.
  • Replenishment to planned cover
    With greater insights into your stock turn, forecasting and planning stock prevents selling out.
  • ‘n for 1’
    Great for continuity and/or seasonal items, a simple replenishment rule that maintains optimum stock levels, whether this be fixed, increasing, or decreasing. (For example, for every 1 that you sell, 2 get replenished).

What are the benefits of improving your replenishment processes?

Here are just a handful of the benefits of improved store replenishment:

  • Optimise sales: Order the right amount of product, to be delivered at the correct time, to the best place.

Our retail replenishment system maintains optimum inventory levels on all products so that you can sell more effectively.

  • Reduced mark-downs: Optimised stock levels allow you to fulfil your customer demand with fewer stock outs. With a greater sell through of full priced stock and a reduced rate of markdown, margins are protected and profits soar.
  • Maximise stock turn: Confidently fulfil customer demands without inflating your levels of inventory, preventing over and under stocking.

We offer 21 omnichannel scenarios for flexible and profitable use of your stock, e.g. Ship-from-Store, Deliver to address, click-and-collect. We scope out our customers’ exact business requirements to implement omnichannel retailing. Merret is a global end to end solution for your entire estate of stores and warehouses, including zonal pricing modules for optimising international operations.

Want to know more? Visit our dedicated page or watch our video guide below.


  • 5th June 2017

Written by Retail Assist

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