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Why Do 2/3 of UK Businesses Outsource Their IT?

  • 5th July 2021

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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Business transformation is driven by technology, a change that has been embraced in the last year. For some, that has meant sourcing externally to drive this adjustment, helping to increase productivity whilst teams focus on innovation. Here’s what PA Consulting has reported on habit changes when it comes to IT outsourcing in UK businesses:

  • 1/3 of UK businesses are planning to outsource more of their IT in the next two years
  • 59% of manufacturing and 46% of financial services businesses outsource their IT
  • 35% of UK businesses currently outsource their cyber security services
  • The energy and utility sectors outsource their IT services the most at 62%
  • 66% of which are satisfied with their current providers


So why are 69% of UK businesses outsourcing their IT services?

Cost reduction

We’ve saved our customers around 30% of their original IT costs by working as an extension of their existing team. Outsourcing means you can work with a reduced team and still receive high quality IT support. We run a 24/7 IT Help Desk so if your hours have extended to help recoup the cost of closures throughout COVID, there’s no need to overstretch your teams.


Opening again with lifting restrictions across the world and the potential of different countries in your estate experiencing more national lockdowns are all reasons to maintain flexibility. With a fluctuating market, it can be a challenge to stop and start up again in a cost-effective and efficient manner when using your own teams, so businesses are starting to look at options for better scalability as they ride the wave.

Focus on core business

51% of businesses use outsourcing to improve focus on the company’s core activities. Letting your teams focus on what matters most to your organisation and leaving the day-to-day development and management of IT services to us, means teams are freed up to drive strategy and plan for the bigger picture.

Improve service quality

Outsourcing IT services to an experienced managed service provider allows you to be proactive in your response. Our IT experts are trained to plan in advance for emergencies, foreseeing products end of life, upgrades and patch management, meaning emergencies are kept to a minimum. We’ve also got 22 years experience, so you’ll benefit from our expert knowledge and lessons learnt, providing seamless support.

If you’re looking for trusty support and quick turnarounds in today’s turbulent market, click here to get in touch.

  • 5th July 2021

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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