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High (street) Speed! Why Your Retail Brand Needs to Quicken the Pace

  • 8th June 2020

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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Fast. Speedy. Rapid. Whichever word you prefer, there’s no doubt about it – improving your retail brand’s speed to market is paramount to beating the competition, being able to react swiftly to influencer marketing, staying ahead of the curve and seeing an all-important, healthy ROI. But how do you achieve that? And what are others doing to improve?

Our Whitepaper Has the Answers

Retail Assist joined forces with feed management solution, Channable, to survey decision makers about the necessity for speed to market, sharing their results in a whitepaper. Featuring the latest research, industry insights, retail best practice and our own research from surveying decision makers in retail businesses, our whitepaper has everything you need to face the challenge of speed to market head on.

“With increased speed to market key to attracting customer sales and also being able to react swiftly to influencer marketing – a vital ability for positive trading in today’s market – it’s crucial to be able to highlight what’s slowing your business down.”

What Technology Can Help the Speed to Market?

Whilst there are many factors that can slow down a supply chain, one of them needn’t be your brand’s handling of product information management. Using our latest solution, OMIO PIM, quickly update your product data through a single port of entry, rather than updating multiple spreadsheets for each product and again for each channel. If your products are sat in a warehouse, ready to be dispatched for sale, but maxed-out eCommerce and digital teams are struggling to publish product content, it’s this loss of time that will cost your business money and slow the route to market down. Speed up the process by retail teams being able to quickly initiate a new product in the system, enriching it with all the necessary product attributes before following OMIO PIM’s easy-to-follow process that sees product data being pushed out to all relevant – and, if you wanted to, new and additional – channels.

How else can OMIO PIM help your retail brand? Watch our interview with retail consultant and former Head of Merchandising, Stacey Dorrian, here.


Now, more than ever, it’s imperative for brands to get products out to market as quickly as possible; in our whitepaper, discover how to drive efficiencies across your business whilst learning more about best practice from across the retail sector.

Click here to read our whitepaper.


  • 8th June 2020

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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