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Pass The Popcorn! Retail Assist Welcomes New Customer, Multikino

  • 14th July 2021

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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We are thrilled to announce that Vue Cinemas has chosen us once again to support their growth and provide 1st line Help Desk support to its Multikino and Cinema 3D cinemas in Poland.

With a rapidly expanding cinema estate and IT infrastructure, we have supported Vue International since 2009, helping drive incidents down in their UK locations and, from 14th June, in Poland too.

Our IT Help Desk will support Multikino’s 44 cinemas in Poland and one in Lithuania, 8am-12am, seven days a week.

Mariusz Ciuchta, Director of IT, Multikino “We needed a support partner who could support our in-country language requirements yet also have a great awareness of our operating model, systems, and the service that is required. The existing relationship with Retail Assist really helped with this decision and they have acted like an extension of our own team in order to get this up and running smoothly from their UK base.”

Our Project Management team has been working hard side by side with Multikino throughout COVID, as the project had to start and pause multiple times throughout lockdown closure restrictions on cinema estates. We currently deal with IT queries for Vue in the UK and The Space Cinema in Italy, however, are now taking calls on cinema technology such as projectors, sound equipment in addition to routine IT queries such as POS systems within Poland.

Tina Hand, our Head of Systems Support commented “At Retail Assist we could not be prouder of our multilingual Help Desk team for their vital input and support throughout the whole project. They have gone above and beyond to build relationships and minimise the impact of the language barrier. We’ve got dedicated polish speakers in place to support services, which bolsters our language capability. We look forward to supporting their future global growth.”

If you’d like to know more about how we support hospitality vendors across the world, get in touch here.

  • 14th July 2021

Written by Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing

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