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Nottingham Trent University Students Join Retail Assist and Barron McCann for Hands-On Marketing Experience

  • 7th June 2024

Written by Retail Assist


As part of the Integration Communications module on the BA Marketing course at Nottingham Trent University, a select group of top students were invited to participate in a live marketing campaign project with Retail Assist and Barron McCann. The three-day program provided students with a comprehensive agenda, focusing on various aspects of marketing and practical application.

Under the guidance of Andréa Williams, Head of Marketing at Retail Assist, and Chloé Farmer, Head of Marketing and Communications at Barron McCann, the students focused on targeting new markets with existing services. The project delved into creating ideal customer profiles, understanding buyer personas, and exploring relevant marketing channels. With a hands-on approach, students learned how to utilise various marketing tools and apply marketing theory to practical scenarios.

Throughout the experience, students were offered a session with Kerry Ganly from Penguin PR, who shared valuable insights on digital and traditional PR, best practice and latest trends. These sessions added immense value to the students’ learning experience, equipping them with knowledge, inspiration and ideas on where they might like to focus further learning.

Olivia Gregory, BA Marketing student, shared her thoughts on the experience: “Being part of the work experience program at Retail Assist has been an incredible journey. The hands-on learning and the guidance from Andréa, Chloé, and Kerry has truly enhanced my understanding of Marketing and PR. I’m excited to apply these new skills in my future career!” collaboration between Nottingham Trent University and Retail Assist has proven to be a valuable experience for these budding marketers. The students had the opportunity to gain experience in a live environment, honing their skills, and learning directly from the teams. The innovative ideas and fresh perspectives they brought to the table were exciting and demonstrated unmatched understanding of both marketing theory and application.

Dr Samantha Read, Principal Lecturer in Marketing at Nottingham Trent University commented: “It has been incredibly valuable to embed real-world marketing experience within our Integrated Communications module through the continued support and input from Andréa at Retail Assist and the team at Baron McCann. The students have not only gained first-hand experience of working on cross-channel communications, they have benefitted from the supportive advice and inspiration that has come from working directly with a group of fantastic role models.”

As this collaborative journey progresses, we anticipate great achievements and impactful contributions from these future marketing stars. Retail Assist, and Barron McCann extend their gratitude to all those involved in making this program a success. Here’s to a successful and fulfilling journey ahead for these talented students!

  • 7th June 2024

Written by Retail Assist

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