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Perk Up Your Productivity! Let our IT Managed Services increase your business’ efficiency

  • 13th May 2019

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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A lot has changed in the last twenty years. Fears of the Millennium Bug, dial-up connection and memorising phone numbers were the status quo and the concept of being on the phone AND on the internet at the same time would have been mind-boggling!

However, 20 years ago, employing staff once meant a body of workers confined to one location, yet recent years have seen increasing amounts of businesses in all sectors adopt new working methods. The rise of secure Wi-Fi connection and laptop technology has meant that remote and flexible options are now commonplace and have widened talent pools to provide benefits to employers and employees alike.

One working method being eagerly embraced by many retailers is that of IT Managed Services: outsourcing IT support to experts that support your company at extended reach. Retail Assist provides a number of Managed IT Services to leading retailers and hospitality operators across the globe, including the following: Help Desk Services, IT Outsourcing, Retail Systems Support, Project Management, Technical Services, Operations Support and IT Due Diligence. Here’s what your business can gain from outsourcing to our service provision.

Specialist Knowledge and Expertise

The biggest attraction of IT Managed Services is the ability to tap into specialised expertise and knowledge which is sector specific and may not be available within your own company. Whilst many IT experts may have a broad knowledge that covers many areas, finding those that have very specific skills and awareness of exactly what is needed in terms of the IT used in each individual industry can sometimes be challenging. Using IT Managed Services ensures that such expertise is easily accessible when required, without the time, effort or cost of recruitment, whilst also safeguarding against the threat of in-house experts leaving their current positions to go elsewhere.

Cost Savings

Costs are crucial to every business, no matter what the sector. IT Managed Services can help make significant cost savings, primarily by removing the associated staffing costs that hiring additional staff brings; office space may also be saved or utilised more effectively. Direct employees are able to focus on more value-adding activity, whist your outsourced teams take care of the day-to-day running of the business. Naturally, fluctuations in workload often occur in IT, so having a dedicated IT Managed Services team allows you to utilise the resource capabilities of the external team to your advantage to increase or decrease with market demands and your own teams can still focus on other important matters.

Long-term and Proactive Approaches

As IT lies at the centre of many businesses, having a system that operates reliably and without interruption is incredibly important. By using IT Managed Services, a proactive approach can be taken, which can allow problems to be foreseen and reacted to before they occur. Long-term strategies can be implemented, with the option for IT services to feature increased activity when needed, such as if a new project is due to launch. Expanded workloads can be reacted to in a way that is productive and doesn’t impact on efficiency.

Flexibility is Possible

Managed IT Services can be fully integrated with existing working practices, meaning that they can fit in and complement how a business chooses to operate. This gives a flexible approach that will grow and develop as the levels of IT support require changes over time. Those looking to move into new areas and utilise new working methods or ideas can do so with total assurance that the IT help needed can be provided and that any expansion they are planning can be fully staffed and supported. Reassurance can also be given by IT Managed Services having all the up-to-date technology needed to assist, at no cost or hassle to the business they are servicing.

Our Managed IT Services are widely used by a number of leading retailers and hospitality operators across the globe. If you require IT support, please get in touch with us here, call us on +44 (0)115 9042777 or email for more information.

  • 13th May 2019

Written by Anna Murphy, Communications Lead

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