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Gen X and Gen Y Shopping Survey

  • 8th June 2015

Written by Retail Assist


For the purpose of this blog and infographic, Gen X refers to those age 36-55, and Gen Y 15-35. To see our 2016 survey results including Gen Z click here.

Much has been said about the all-consuming, tech-insatiable Generation Y, the “millennials” brought up to live and breathe in the digital age. They’re the profile of the future shopper.

Samsung researched the 16-24 generation in their ‘Future Shoppers’ report late last year, which found that retailers needed to create in-store theatre with more innovative technology in order to appeal to the younger generation.

But does this just apply to Generation Y? Or is this a trend amongst all consumers?

At Retail Assist, we’re always keen to investigate the current trends, so we undertook an original survey to produce this Generation X vs Generation Y infographic:

Gen X Gen Y

As you can see, the difference between Gen X and Gen Y’s use of technology doesn’t look startlingly different. The large majority of consumers are engaged with retail technology, and over 80% have an omnichannel approach.

The same percentage are using apps to shop, an insight into the explosion of mobile across the UK consumer base. However, the high street still remains a popular channel for both Gen X and Y.

Gen X and Y also have the same reservations when shopping online, with their biggest barrier to purchase being hidden delivery charges. Low cost convenience is high on both of their agendas, with click and collect used once a month by 28% of each group.

The biggest difference our survey highlights is perhaps shopping online. 40% of Gen Y prefer to shop online, compared to just 8% of Gen X. The second most popular option for Gen X after the high street was shopping outlets, which cater to the discount mentality of many shoppers – same brand quality at lower prices.

Perhaps the most interesting point to take forward from this research is that attitudes to omnichannel and the use of tech to shop is prevalent across the consumer base, and is not just exclusive to Gen Y. So retailers, tailor the shopping experience, but don’t neglect the fact that technology is fast becoming an enabler for all age groups.

Do you have an opinion on the shopping habits in different generations? Or would you like to share our infographic? Please scroll down to use our comment box and embed code.

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  • 8th June 2015

Written by Retail Assist

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