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Laser Clinics has established itself as the largest cosmetic clinic in the world, performing over 4.2 million treatments a year. Originating in Australia in 2008, the brand has expanded its reach to encompass over 200 clinics and 2,500 staff across multiple countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


We have been proud partners of Laser Clinics UK since 2020, supporting their rapid expansion plans with our IT services. Having opened their first UK clinic in 2019, Laser Clinics UK wanted to establish a comprehensive IT framework that could seamlessly accommodate their evolving needs.

What we deliver
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Store Systems Application Support

“The biggest benefit is a having a team that understand the business, take time to learn the system and create tools and processes to support ticket resolution. We are lucky to have one unified and consistent point of support for every clinic.”

“Like most businesses, we get things done through the power of relationships. Retail Assist is not an invisible partner or just a call centre, the interaction with the teams from each clinic has created a strong partnership that is always looking at ways to improve the service.”

Lee Walsh, Head of Operations at Laser Clinics UK
Ready to learn more about our partnership with Laser Clinics UK and their growth strategy?

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