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OMIO Tablet

Want to make it easier for your online orders and store stock to move as one? OMIO Tablet is the stock control system that makes online order fulfilment a doddle.

What are the benefits of OMIO Tablet?
stock control system
Handle returns efficiently and effectively

Enjoy real-time allocation of stock for orders

Process click and collect orders anywhere on the shop floor

Gain better transparency between fulfilment versus sales

stock control system

OMIO Tablet

With more and more emphasis on the ease for customers to shop online, and offering convenience for your customers, your store stock and digital stock must move – and be seen – as one. Make the most of your store stock with a stock control system that allows its freedom of movement, wherever it sits in your store estate.

Research has shown that, on average, customers spend an additional £27 when picking up a click and collect order in store, meaning that retailers can also make the most of additional sales opportunities.

With OMIO Tablet, we believe that this process should be as smooth as possible, so that it’s an easy, positive experience for store staff and for the customer to quickly receive their order. Using our stock control system app, staff are able to scan barcodes with the tablet device – removing the need for excess handheld scanners – and our intuitive, user-friendly app couldn’t be simpler.

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How does OMIO Tablet work?

OMIO Tablet simplifies the process of online orders that can be allocated from stores, so that your store staff can easily manage online stock fulfilment requests. With our retail heritage, we know how important it is that retail solutions are able to connect to wider systems; our stock control system is designed to be able to interface with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in real-time, which enables users to obtain details of web orders that have been assigned to the store for picking and to confirm what actions the store staff then have to take.

With a single view of order fulfilment, store staff can use any tablet device to work the OMIO Tablet app. They then follow the order request for the style, colour and size, go to find it on the shop floor and can then either accept the request and continue with the process, or deny the order request by selecting a reason. Once the order has been accepted, the packaging documents and labels are automatically printed, and the order is ready to be received by the customer.

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